My Story

Thank you for your interest in Hubbard Ranch Designs.  Let me introduce myself; My name is Brenda Hubbard, Owner/Designer of Hubbard Ranch Designs.  I was raised in Texas and still reside here.  My daily goal is honing the gifts and talents that God blessed me with.  I am a wife to Reece, dog mom of many, East Texas ranch owner, Brahman cattle breeder, business entrepreneur and lover of art, all things western.  

I have been creating art using authentic skulls as my canvas for over 15 years.  Whitetail deer are abundant in our area and were my first type of skull art to offer.  Texas longhorn skulls are a rare find.  Sourcing can be an issue since it takes many years for their horns to grow long and not many farm them for beef.  Preparing skulls is not for the faint of heart, it’s dirty, and nasty, takes months of preparation, but so worth it to have such an amazing canvas. Using nature as a canvas is so rewarding; bringing back life to these beautiful animals through art is a personal passion.  I suppose this art form is also up-cycling.  

My art is not limited to skulls, I also love painting.  My favorite subjects to paint are horses and dogs.  Creating art with clothing, making jewelry and refurbishing furniture, have been a pastime amongst many other types of art.  I hope you enjoy all the art I create.  

Designing residential and commercial spaces has also always been an interest.  Having a background in real estate and home building, along with my passion for art, has led to many remodels, building new homes, home additions, refurbishing historical buildings and office spaces.  I would love to assist you with your home or business design and décor needs.  This can be done virtually if you are not in the East Texas area.  I love helping people refresh their spaces.